AIIC : This acronym stands for Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence.This selective club of qualified interpreters aims at maintaining high standards for those working in the field. Its code of conduct for interpreters can be viewed on its site.

Diversity is a site aimed at the medical side of interpreting in the US. It provides information on standards of practice for medical interpreters.

The Institute of Linguists: This British-based organisation represents professional linguists. This professional body has regional societies for members. From the 1 January 2000 it will be compulsory to be on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters if you are to work as a court interpreter or medical interpreter in the UK. The Institute of Linguists has a list of institutions providing training qualifying for the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting.

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting: This organisation established in 1986 deals with upholding the interests of intepreters and translators. Advice on these professions is also available.

The University of Bath, UK: The University offers a course in translating and interpreting. It delivers the MA/Diploma in interpreting and translating. The course lasts one year.Major European languages are covered as well as Chinese, Japanese and soon Korean.

JICS: The Joint Interpreting and Conference Service is part of the European Union's language service. The latter is the largest employer of interpreters and translators in the world, ahead of the UN.

Georgetown University, US : This site provides links to interpreting and translating organisations as well as various language resources.

Deraiij:A language site which amongst other things provides a list of schools offering training in the field of interpreting and translating.

ÆTP - Society for Pluridisciplinary Writers and Translators - French society created in January 1999 to help students and professionals achieve their goals as authors and/or translators in many ways. International members welcome. English version of the website coming soon!

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