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On-line résumé

The international aspect of the Internet is obvious. The ability to reach millions of people around the world makes it beneficial to have your résumé on-line. Rodenbach language resources offers interpreters and translators the possibility to have their résumés posted free on this site. The address that you can then hand out or put as a signature in your e-mails will be
The résumés can also be viewed by people browsing through the web site. If you do not want your résumé to be viewed by people searching through the list please let me know. This way you will be the only person handing out the address of your page.
There is no fee for having a résumé here nor are there any catches. I would ask people to send me their résumé as an HTML file (NOT A WORD FILE!)and tell me whether they want a plain white background or include one they like.(as a gif file)
Web résumés do not necessarily have to be on a plain boring background. This is a chance to spice them up. You can add pictures, clipart, colourful backgrounds etc. As long as you keep it reasonable, tasteful (a subjective matter)!

Sites to visit for résumé add-ons:
Classic themes

If you need help in designing a web résumé or if you want a résumé that looks like a web site (example) I can help you for a small fee, just e-mail me
The e-mail address to send me your file is . I will inform you via e-mail of your address and posting status. Use of this free service means acceptance of the following terms and conditions.