Resources unlimited: This remarkable site provides you with links to thesauruses, encyclopedias, language guides, multilingual dictionaries, specific vocabulary lists and what is more in dozens of languages! It even has links for languages such as Bantu.

Macrothesaurus : Interesting multilingual vocabulary site, covers a great number of themes from energy to forestry in English, French and Spanish but the query must be specific in order to get the desired term.

The Eurodicautom site mentioned previously is extremely useful. This terminology base works with the official 11 European languages which incidentally are English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

Jean-Karim Benzineb: A translator at the Council of Europe provides us with computer terms from English to French.

Frank Dietz: A translator having compiled an impressive glossary of sites covering English dictionaries, acronym finders, multilingual dictionaries etc... A must see

Jennifer's page: This site has links to a vast array of language resources classified by language groups (Asian, African, European etc.) It also has a long list of common English spelling mistakes (e.g. NGO's / NGOs).

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